Do Not Forget!

Dear player,
The subscription of a professional contract involves the birth of rights and duties that often a player doesn’t know. It’s important to think next to several collaterals aspects of a professional player contract, as the duty of subordination in the comparisons of the club.
But a professional player gets a series of prerogatives and advantages as the right to a pension, an indemnity at the end of the career, a social security in case of accident, etc.
The pamphlet that follows is a guide for the relationship between you, player, and your club; between you and the Lega, to which the club belongs, between you and the Federation of the Italian basket. You will find there every useful news, and first of all the Collective Contract, which is the main agreement between the professional Lega and the GIBA, to which every player and society must adhere.
The GIBA players association is always on your side and to your disposition as a valid support for everything concerning the non played basket; ask our help for whichever thing and in whichever circumstance.
In our internet site you can find our point of view about the basket issues, and every kind of news and information, further than the statistics about the last 6 years of all the A and B players who played and play in Italy.
For the rest, you can always call the office.

Good luck.