Fondo Request Application



In order to receive the indemnity fund payment, the provisions set out below must be followed to the letter:

• The application must be made within a period beginning from the season immediately following the last season in which the player participated as a professional (Art. 21) and in any case within five years (Art. 2948 of the Italian Civil Code and Art. 22 of the Fund) of the last season in which the player participated as a professional, after which the statute of limitations applies.

• Applications shall only be accepted on the dedicated application form, which shall be filled out scrupulously, with especial regard to the part regarding bank details. In this regard, it should be underlined that, if approved, the indemnity shall be paid out solely to a current account in the name of the applicant.

• Payments shall be made no later than March 31st each year for applications received by the Fund on or before the last day of February of the same year.

• The original of the application shall be dispatched to the Indemnity Fund by registered post, with a form for acknowledgment of receipt.

• The application shall be accompanied by the following:

1. photocopy of the card issued by the Italian tax authorities (Agenzia dell’Entrate) showing the applicant’s Italian Tax Code;

2. photocopy of a valid ID document showing a clearly legible signature of the applicant;

3. copy delivered by the bank with the necessary account codes to receive the wiring from Italy (iban, swift, aba routing number etc);